WiPN Northern Ohio: A Great Night and the Ball Park & Get Your Head in the Game. 

The Northern Ohio Regional Chapter event On August 3, 2017 was held at Oswald Center with approximately 35 people in attendance.  Our sponsors included Prudential, OneAmerica, Hartford Funds, Wilmington Trust and MFS.  We had a drop in sponsor at the ball park – Fidelity Funds – as well.  Jackie Salmon from OneAmerica was the main presenter.  After the chapter co- chairs did a brief overview of WiPN and upcoming events, Jackie spoke for approximately 40 minutes.  “Get Your Head in the Game” was a heartfelt presentation that provided guidelines for life.  She gave us tools and guidelines on how to successfully navigate our changing world, ways to stay safe and sane while maintaining our families and careers.  The feedback on her presentation was very positive and people waked away a little better than when they arrived.  We provided baseball themed snack and drinks, and a ticket to the Cleveland Indians game including a beverage at the park.   After the presentation  approximately 25 of us went to the game.  We all sat together and networked while we watched.  It was a really fun event.  Our Cleveland Indians even won.  We beat the Yankees!!