WiPN Baltimore learns about “Career Jungle Gyms”

The WiPN Baltimore Regional event was held at the lovely Center Club on Spetrember 28th. The 20+ ladies in attendance were treated to T. Rowe Price head of RPS Relationship Management, Suzanne Ricklin’s non traditional career story.

Suzanne has approached her career as a jungle gym, not a ladder and has always sought to develop new skills, even if that meant a lateral move across a company. She shared some great lessons learned that had everyone in the room nodding their heads. A lively discussion for all attendees!

Suzanne’s Career Lessons Learned:
Raise your hand
–Participate, ask/take on new assignments…taking initiative is key!
–Take responsibility for your own career navigation as your interests/passions evolve

Know the difference between mentors and sponsors and the importance of both

Learn, Do, then Teach
–Seek out mentorship/coaching throughout your life
–Having strong sounding boards and mentorship is critical

Create a diverse portfolio of experienced mentors
–Mentor/coach others whenever you can

Identify a colleague who can provide real-time counsel/feedback
–Self-awareness is key

Things to do
–Negotiate for stretch assignments
–Take time to prepare and practice for negotiations
–Sit “at the table”
–Be confident when presenting your point of view
–Know and communicate the value of “invisible work”

Things to avoid
–Always volunteering to take notes in meetings
–Downplaying accomplishments/compliments