WiPN Hartford Chapter – Power Pose Painting Event Recap

On February 21st, the Hartford Regional Chapter hosted a “Power Pose Painting” event. The pictures capture the true essence of the event — the fun, the inspiration, the laughs, and most of all – the meaningful networking connections that were made!  Special thanks to our sponsors: Prudential, Ivy Funds, Neuberger Berman and Lincoln Financial.

The networking event included “Power Pose Strategies” from Amy Cuddy’s top-rated Ted Talk, followed by an instructor-led “Strike Your Power Pose” discussion. Noteworthy highlights of Amy’s Ted Talk included:

  • Non-verbal behavior is a powerful form of communication: ie. expressions, posture, eye contact
  • People determine how strong, how confident, how knowledgeable, how likable you are based on “how you show up” with your body language
  • Your audience will also predict a related outcome based on your non-verbal behavior (you’ll win or lose, they will or will not do business with you, they will or will not trust you to lead a key project……)
  • Slight physiological changes can make you feel more power or lead through a position of power (power poses require you to look more open or expansive)
  • Power Poses demonstrate a sense of victory, undeniable confidence or competence; that you appear disinhibited and open to growth

The next event of the WiPN Hartford Chapter will be held on Thursday, May 24th from 5:00-7:00. Lisa Parker of Heads Up Coaching will be the keynote speaker. This will be a members-only event.

WiPN Hartford Chapter Co-Chairs are Lisa Buffington of Prudential and Ariel Stein of Argentum Financial Partners.