WiPN Webinar Four-Part Series: Fearless YOU! A Year of Courageous Conversations

Do you feel courageous in your professional and personal life? What if you did at one time, but now you feel stuck? Do you know the common traits, drivers and competencies that new research has identified in courageous women CEOs and high potential future leaders that are extremely meaningful to your organization, professional development, allies and male counterparts?

Join us in 2018 for a journey through a four-part webinar series (open to WiPN members only) that will light up your desire to take on and thrive on challenging your skills, use your voice to create and command a workplace culture that inspires professional knowledge and self-development, and freely give gratitude to those along our path resulting in the most courageous and bravest version of yourself!

Part 1: Do You Have GRIT? Gratitude, Resilience, Intention & Toughness

Pluck. Moxy. Determination in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. “Grit” is a term we hear from sports announcers and cross fit instructors in reference to athletic achievements and physical feats that boggle the mind. However, compelling emerging exercise science points to the power of perception over physical ability. In other words, all those burpees do not mean anything unless your “head is right”.

Our Speaker:
Melissa Briggs-Phillips, Ph.D

Dr. Melissa is a “ruthless optimist” who believes that innovation happens at the intersection of divergent disciplines and that great outcomes for executives result from integrating best practices from various fields. She has worked with trauma survivors for over 20 years and has incorporated  inspirational lessons she has learned from survivors into a training experience she calls GRIT: Gratitude, resilience, intention and toughness. Thousands of people from various sectors have attended her sessions and translated their experience into action items within their own lives. Her combination of leadership and clinical psychology experience offers a unique perspective and serves her goal: to make all of her engagements meaningful. She believes deeply in the power of having the right conversation at the right time. With GRIT, leaders learn how to cultivate conversations that change people in organizations and drive success.

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