WiPN SoCal Webinar | Purposeful Networking Facilitated by Convers(ate)

Join the WiPN SoCal for a purposeful networking experience facilitated by Convers(ate). This is a facilitated group discussion to help us network on a deeper level. We will explore our topic utilizing Convers(ate) to spark meaningful conversations with thoughtful questions. The theme for this event is “Identity: Bringing Your Whole Self to (Net)work.”

As part of this group discussion, we’ll talk about the idea of identity and what it means as well as invite you to share your unique perspectives and stories on a variety of thought-provoking questions. This will be a fresh and meaningful way to learn more about each other…even those you might think you know well!

Convers(ate)’s virtual gatherings are small group conversations about important topics. Our facilitator, Kim DiGiovanni, left a career in financial services to start her own business embarking on a journey to change the way people gather and create opportunities for more human connection.

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About Our Speaker

Kim DiGiovanni

I am your Chief Experience Officer and I am a creator of experiences where conversations happen, connections are made, and communities are built.

Throughout both my personal and professional life, the most memorable experiences were created at the dinner table. I’ve since learned that while some of the best relationships come out of a shared meal and a good bottle of wine, all that you really need to meaningfully connect is a purpose.

All of the gatherings that I help others create, whether virtually or in real life, are first and foremost rooted in a purpose. From there, the great conversations and deep connections naturally will fall into place and so will the moments that result in an experience that simply becomes an event or an occurrence that leaves an impression on someone. You see, it’s in these moments that I see relationships develop. Real relationships. The kinds of relationships that create change and bring meaning to our lives.

You’re invited to join me on this journey to change the way we gather so that we look to not just create an event…but create an experience. It all starts with purpose. Are you ready to discover yours?

Kim DiGiovanni

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