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We all want more women to get to the top of corporations and we’d love to have a woman run the country too. But these high-level pursuits are not for all women especially those who shoulder up to multiple jobs while balancing their professional life with that of being wife, mother, head of household, and caregiver for aging parents. The pandemic has brought on even more stress by adding remote learning supervision and childcare gaps to a woman’s already packed day. Though many women don’t have the personal bandwidth to aim for the C-Suite, they fear letting down the sisterhood or being perceived as lightweights if they’re not visibly committed to a continual rise. Now more than ever women need to find their voice and speak up with confidence about the professional roles that fit their lives and how they personally view ambition and success.

This webinar will help women think broadly and unapologetically about how to redefine roles and learn to grow in place by cultivating both career and family. They will expand their portfolio of skills and find ways to be valued leaders while making a professional pitch for team-wide flexibility, staying in the workforce, and keeping on-track for long-term financial security.

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About Our Speaker

Kathryn Sollmann

Kathryn Sollmann helps smart, capable, well-educated women integrate work and life through many ages and stages. Her mission is to keep women working toward financial security in a flexible way alongside child and aging parent caregiving roles. She co-founded the Women@Work Network, one of the first companies focused on helping women return to the workforce, through non-traditional alternatives rather than the normal corporate grind. She is a frequent media resource on the topics of women, work and financial security.

Kathryn knows well how difficult it can be to blend work and life, but she continually sounds a wake-up call for women who overlook the financial impact of career breaks for caregiving roles. Throughout her career, she has negotiated flexible schedules with demanding employers, launched entrepreneurial ventures and projects, and telecommuted from home all while managing a household with kids, pets and aging parents.

In her book, Ambition Redefined: Why the Corner Office Doesn’t Work for Every Woman & What to Do Instead, Kathryn encourages no-apologies independence from the “lean in” and “break the glass ceiling” mantra. Her message is to find your own brand of ambition and success, opt into today’s more flexible workplace, and chart alternate career paths that accommodate and fund your future securely and safely for all generations of your family.

Kathryn Sollmann

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