WiPN Oregon | Words to USE – Words to LOSE

Confidence is heard in the words we use. Join us to learn what words to USE and what words we should LOSE as we welcome Tracy Hooper with The Confidence Project. She’ll help us LOSE the words that are overused and sound hesitant or weak and show us how to USE the words that sound strong, have influence and are worthy! Tracy will discuss how to LOSE the fillers and hedgers in our vocabulary with tips to recognize these. She’ll also dive into validators and the notorious ‘sorry syndrome’ we all fall victim to.

Networking time will follow the presentation.

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About Our Speaker

Tracy Hooper
Founder, The Confidence Project

Tracy is the Founder of The Confidence Project. She leads presentations and facilitates critical conversations with executives, professionals, and high-achieving teams. Her aim is to cultivate a culture where people elevate their presence, communicate clearly, and work together better.

Tracy has been a TV news reporter, anchor, producer, voice-over professional, and, most recently, author. She draws on the best of her background in broadcasting and storytelling to create an impactful and memorable experience. Her roster of clients includes Disney, Marriott, and NFL Films. The Confidence Project clients include Nike, Intel, and Kaiser Permanente.

Tracy Hooper

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