WiPN NYC – Meditation for High Performance

Train your mind to be laser-focused, resilient, and perceptive as we walk through a meditation practice with Pema Sherpa.

Join WiPN NYC and Pema Sherpa to enhance your performance through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Attendees will benefit from meditation training to reduce mind-wandering, staying focused on the present, and bringing our cognitive capacity to the best of its potential.

We’ll learn:
• How Meditation Boosts Performance
• How to Meditate Correctly for Success
• How to Realistically Turn Meditation into an Enduring Habit

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About Our Speaker

Pema Sherpa

Born and raised in Nepal, Pema Sherpa has been training in mindfulness principals for over two decades. Having earned her Master’s from Harvard University, she now combines her background in psychology and philosophy to research mindfulness at NYU. She is the founder of Pema Solutions, where she provides mindfulness informed wellbeing and performance training to corporations. In her work, she borrows from psychology and the robust philosophical wisdom of mindfulness tradition.

Pema Sherpa

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