WiPN NJ | Unlock Your Personal Power

Are you the type of leader you think you are? How do you “show up” during professional and personal challenges? Does stress often get the better of you? Your energy reveals these answers. Unlock your personal power and walk away with the life-changing, introspective mindset that this session will provide.

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About Our Speaker

Deb Rubin

Deb Rubin is the Success Playbook Coach for high performing financial services professionals. She helps her clients identify where they want to go, what holds them back, and how to overcome those blocks to achieve their goals. She is also a VP and Managing Director of TPA and Special Markets at Transamerica, with over 25 years of experience in the financial services business. Deb lives her passion by helping all her clients and her employees to find what matters and live a more engaged, less stressed, and more successful life.

Deb Rubin