WiPN Columbus Webinar | Taking Charge of Your Life with Ria Dark

Join WiPN Columbus for this webinar and workshop on Taking Charge of Your Life – Part 2 of the Speaker and Networking Series with Ria Dark!

Developing time-management skills is critical to personal and professional success and taking charge of your life!  To help you be successful and avoid burnout, Ria will discuss self-management and time-management skills by identifying goals and values to guide your choices while learning to optimize time to your best advantage.

We will uncover obstacles and time-wasters along with what causes them and will devise solutions to overcome them. Ria will also help us highlight the incremental steps we need to take to achieve our goals. She will provide measurable, achievable benchmarks that will actualize our values and give a focus to our activities to set the stage for great goal setting!

We will include a workshop at the end of the webinar to discuss and work on some of the ideas touched on during the webinar with Ria.

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About Our Speaker

Ria Dark

Ria Dark, M.S., L.S.W., is the Clinical Director of Comprehensive Benefits Consultants, LLC. She possesses a unique set of skills from the fields of education, human services as well as the public and private sectors. Her knowledge in providing tailored delivery of services, and understanding the needs of the client spans two decades. She is also part of a national group providing Wellness Services for a firm based in New York. Ria is a published author having wellness articles in both magazines and periodicals. She has also a regular contributor to the State of Ohio health Journal, HealthScene. She is currently a columnist at the Black Rock Beacon. She is actively sought out as a speaker of Wellness programming for insurance industry, and at National conferences as an expert in soft skills and an EQ Master.

Ria Dark

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