WiPN Arizona | Struggles with remote culture and building your team in a new age

Join the AZ Chapter of WiPN as we host Colleen Hallinan, the Chief Transformation Officer of Qii Consulting. Our discussion on growth AND freedom will request us to adopt new mindsets during the new remote culture.

How do we stay energized, productive and connected while being remote? What are our challenges as we energize our teams? This discussion will be tailored to our audience and you can take our short survey to participate by April 7th!


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About Our Speaker

Colleen Jordan Hallinan CFP®
Founder and Chief Transformation Officer,
Qii Consulting

Colleen is the Founder of Qii Consulting and has over 30 years of experience in the financial advisory business. She’s inspired clients, advisors, and firms to harness their power to reach their financial and business goals.

Colleen Jordan Hallinan