Webinar: Boost Your Confidence by Cultivating Your Inner and Outer Beauty

Speakers Richelle Potestio, Pacific Retirement Partners and Hannah Wachter, JAFRA Cosmetics International will be discussing the importance, value and joy of cultivating, nourishing and nurturing inner and outer beauty.  Drawing from their own personal and professional experiences, the presenters will explore ways in which make-up and wardrobe choices can be leveraged as tools to boost confidence, raise self-esteem, and help women show up in the business world as the best and most successful version of themselves. This webinar is the first segment in a 2-part event: the webinar will be followed by a WiPN members-only, in-person style show in Portland, OR on Thursday, July 23rd.

About Our Speakers

Richelle Potestio
Director of Operations, Pacific Retirement Partners

Richelle’s career has combined business and sales management, event coordination, and customer relations. Prior to her time in financial services, Richelle worked in various management and support roles in the cosmetic industry and for large retailers, including Nordstrom. She prioritizes company culture by supporting her peers and building long-term relationships to ensure the client’s needs are met. She currently  applies her business and management experience to pursuing new opportunities for practical applications.

Richelle is a native Oregonian and spends her free time traveling with family and  friends. She enjoys cooking, being active, watching classic movies, and volunteering in the community.

Richelle Potestio

Hannah Wachter
Solopreneur, JAFRA Cosmetics

Hannah Wachter has been an official beauty boss with JAFRA Cosmetics International and loves living her true calling: to help women cultivate their inner and outer beauty. Since the age of 19, Hannah has wanted to own her own business helping other women look and feel their best.

While starting her career in the financial services industry, Hannah switched to M Financial’s Communications team, where she organized company events and meetings helping firms articulate their vision to clients. But Hannah’s dream of owning her own business — a business centered on positive affirmation of self-worth and inherent beauty — never faltered. Hannah left M Financial to open up her own marketing business. She then moved onto JAFRA Cosmetics to realize her vision and develop the professional and personal opportunity she was looking for. In 2018, Hannah started her business—Stay Royal Queen—and has never looked back and life has never been so good!

Hannah Wachter

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