Seeing How We Think: Insights for Building Strong Connections

Our brains are wired in ways that lead us to particular preferences and interpretations of the world. Understanding your thinking preferences, as well as the thinking preferences of others, can have profound implications on personal effectiveness in the areas of client interaction, team dynamics and presentations.

Join WiPN’s Chicago Chapter to hear Kate Livingston, Managing Partner at CMS Associates and Graduate Program Instructor at Harvard University, teach us how we can:

  • Increase our understanding of how we interpret information
  • Leverage our thinking preferences
  • Adapt our thinking preferences to better connect with team members and clients

Happy Hour to follow at City Social, 120 South LaSalle Street.

About Our Speaker

Kate Livingston

As an organizational development consultant and executive coach Kate’s Livingston’s focus is on helping teams and clients build effective working relationships to improve performance. Using research from adult development, Kate adopts an interactive approach to stimulate collaboration, active listening and meaningful conversations.

Kate holds a master’s degree in adult development and psychology from Harvard University, and a master’s in art history from Pennsylvania State University. She draws from both of these fields when helping clients see how they frame and address their challenges.

Kate Livingston

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