Preparing for the New Way of Work – We are all in Virtual Work Teams

Please join us for this special WiPN Philadelphia Chapter event at the relaxing, peaceful setting of the Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens.

On average, what percentage of each workday last week was spent working with people that are not co-located with you in the same building? If the number is higher than 10%, then you are working in a virtual team or company.

Join us to hear the trends around preparing for the new (distributed) way of working. Our speaker is excited to provide information about:

  • Factors driving the trend of geographically distributed teams and companies.
  • Modern skillset needed to lead in this environment and The Virtual Leadership Success Framework that can help.
  • Concrete tips/advice for leading and working in virtual teams and the impact of Distance Bias.

Take time to visit the gardens! Networking time is built into the agenda. Food and beverages will be served.

About Our Speaker

Sacha Connor
Founder and Lead Consultant

Sacha Connor is the Founder of Virtual Work Insider, a consultancy that personally coaches organizations to work seamlessly across any distance – with a specialty in training geographically distributed teams within companies and agencies, and Virtual Workforce ERG creation.

Sacha has 18 years of business leadership experience at a Fortune 500 company and also agency-side, and 8 years of experience leading large, distributed teams fully remotely.

As one of the first remote marketing directors, she led brands worth over $250M and sat on the leadership team for a $1 billion division at The Clorox Company. Sacha founded the first-ever Virtual Workforce Employee Resource Group which enabled inclusion across office sites, taught virtual work skills, and influenced the C-suite about how to adapt for the future of work. This award-winning ERG grew to over 750 global members.

Sasha Connor

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