WiPN Iowa Webinar | Makeup & Skincare IQ – Look and Feel Your Best in Zoom Meetings

In today’s world of constant Zoom-ing, we’re literally putting our best face forward on our computer screens. Working from home, juggling family care, homeschooling, and facing unprecedented hardship and uncertainty-it can be hard to keep a confident an optimistic appearance.

Grab your favorite beverage and join us for this informative and fun tutorial with Amy Banas. Tweak your skincare and makeup routines for a fresh, screen-ready appearance with minimal effort, and remind yourself of the beauty and power that comes with being a woman every day-no matter what the day brings.

In this session, Amy will:

  • Show you how to go from “just woke up” to “just my normal glowing look” in 5 minutes flat.
  • Share insider tips that the best makeup artists use on themselves and their clients.
  • Answer any and all of your questions about skincare, makeup, and lighting for the camera.

This is a corporate workshop, not a sales pitch. No products or services will be sold or offered during the session. We’re just here to invest in a little self-care and remember the joy that comes from the simple things in life.

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Our Speaker

Amy Banas

Amy Banas is a professional makeup artist for corporate rock stars and teaches the insider secrets of the best makeup artists.

Amy Banas

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