Influencing Men: Inside Secrets from a Coach to High-Performing Men

What if there was a code that allowed you to quickly understand, effectively communicate with and deeply influence the men in your business (and life)?

There is such a code. Once you learn it, your ability to build rapport with and influence men accelerates, with half the energy and effort expended.

Learn the inside secrets of how to influence men from Dominick Quartuccio, an executive coach to and 15-year veteran of the male-dominated financial services industry, and Linda Knox, independent consultant and champion of high-performing women in financial services.

Key Takeaways:

#1: The biggest reason why men in male-dominated businesses aren’t changing as fast as we all want
#2: The 3 long-term repercussions for women working in male-dominated environments (and how to avoid them)
#3: How becoming “safe” to talk to amplifies your influence (without giving away your power)
#4: 3 simple insights that illuminate how men think and operate
#5: A 4 step protocol – based on neuroscience – for challenging or delivering difficult feedback.

NOTE: Following the session from 3:00 to 4:45, there will be a members-only Q&A session with Dominick and Linda until 5:45. 

About Our Speakers

Dominick Quartuccio

Dominick Quartuccio is an international speaker, author, mentor, and 15-year veteran of the healthcare, insurance, and financial services industries. His keynote speeches focus on Elevating Performance and Short-Circuiting Burnout, mixing inspiration and practicality with immediate takeaways for the modern corporate high-performer. His book, Design Your Future: 3 Simple Steps to Stop Drifting and Take Command of Your Life, is a guide to helping people design a future they can’t wait to live into.

Dominick Quartuccio

Linda Knox

Linda Knox is an independent consultant, champion of high-performing women in male dominated businesses, and 25+ year veteran of the retirement services industry. She spent 15 years at Prudential Retirement, where she was the award-winning creator of Prudential’s Top of the Rock training and development program. Linda ran Prudential Retirement’s innovation lab, tasked with envisioning the business 5-20 years into the future by creating and/or investing in strategically relevant early stage fintech companies that overcome behavioral and financial obstacles to long-term savings and financial security.

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