Don’t Burn Out – Part 1 of Speaker and Networking Series with Ria Dark

Join us at the BoatHouse at Confluence Park for this fascinating topic on
your managing your life without burning out!

Imagine that it’s 2 p.m. and you have managed to dilly-dally an hour after
lunch before returning to your office. You look at your Fitbit and wonder
how the heck you are going to last for another three hours and make it to
quitting time. Are some days are like this? Or, is it most days? There is a
way to avoid burnout from the stressors in your life.

Session Objectives:

During this Part One of a Two-Part series, attendees will:

1. Learn the signs of burnout
2. Realize where you fall on the burnout continuum
3. Identify natural and artificial resources to deal with stressors
4. Make a plan of action
5. Identify obstacles and solutions
6. Form follow-up strategies

Network with other local professionals, take in the amazing views of the river and downtown and enjoy the food and beverages! Free parking on site!

About Our Speaker

Ria Dark

Ria Dark, M.S., L.S.W., is the Clinical Director of Comprehensive Benefits Consultants, LLC. She possesses a unique set of skills from the fields of education, human services as well as the public and private sectors. Her knowledge in providing tailored delivery of services, and understanding the needs of the client spans two decades. She is also part of a national group providing Wellness Services for a firm based in New York. Ria is a published author having wellness articles in both magazines and periodicals. She has also a regular contributor to the State of Ohio health Journal, HealthScene. She is currently a columnist at the Black Rock Beacon. She is actively sought out as a speaker of Wellness programming for insurance industry, and at National conferences as an expert in soft skills and an EQ Master.

Ria Dark

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