Boost Your Immunity & Resilience!

Learn easy tips to manage stress responses as well as learn the science behind how stress occurs in the body. Unwine and relax with seated restorative yoga specifically designed to tap into supporting the immune and lymphatic system which help us fight illnesses and disease.

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About Our Speaker

Sarah Popeo, LICSW, MSW, EMDR-T

Sarah Popeo, LICSW, MSW, EMDR-T has been working in the field of health & wellness for over a decade. In addition, she is certified in Movement for Trauma/Toxic stress. She currently works in her own private practice as a Trauma-Informed Psychotherapist, Yoga and Pilates Practitioner. Her approach is trauma-informed and whether she is working in fitness or with psychotherapy clients, she is driven by the connection between mind and body and its power to heal and help clients reach their highest potential.

Sarah Popeo

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