Board Application/Nomination Form for Terms Starting in 2020

There are three open board positions beginning in January 2020:

  • Special Projects: leads short-term initiatives as assigned by the Board. (1 year)
  • Sponsorship: oversees sponsorship support, communicating to sponsors and potential sponsors about the value of partnering with WiPN. (2 years)
  • Strategic Marketing and Communications: oversees web content, event promotion and member communications. (2 years)

Each board member is expected to support the objectives as laid out by the Board during its January planning meeting. The Board typically meets 2-3 times in-person (1 day) and monthly via conference call (1 hour). Board members are supported by committees of 3-5 volunteers at their discretion and will have the support of other WiPN resources to help execute on assigned initiatives.

The process is open to anyone looking to increase their involvement with WiPN or anyone who wants to nominate someone. Applicants/nominees should have prior volunteer experience with WiPN in a committee or regional co-chair capacity OR demonstrated experience on another non-profit Board. Feel free to contact any board member for further information.

The deadline is Tuesday, September 3rd.