Attendees at the Boston Regional event have a lively discussion

On Wednesday, October 5th ladies gathered at the Boston regional event for networking and food before settling down to listen to speaker Sarah Stahl. Sarah is a managing director for MDT Advisors (a Federated Advisory Company) but she started her career in the manufacturing and the auto industries. Sarah gave the story of her circuitous route into financial services and some lessons learned.

Based on her experience, Sarah had this advice for attendees:

  • On Family Life – Hate cooking? So does Sarah. Having an honest discussion about splitting household chores with your partner is key. She and her husband used the formula of “who dislikes <insert chore> the least” to allocate household tasks.
  • On Getting Help – Life comes at you fast so juggling work, life and family is challenging. Sarah suggests hiring out for the “DDD’s”, those dirty, dangerous and dull tasks no one likes. So get help because you’re busy and, hey, you deserve it!
  • On Finding Your Niche – If you’re not happy where you are, keep looking. While Sarah is in financial service now, that’s not where she started. She suggested finding the type of job you are good at and be willing to explore new industries and roles to find your best fit.
  • On Handling a Challenging Boss – Butting heads with your boss? Always take the highroad and you will outlast them.
  • On Mentoring – In short. Do it! It’s not only fulfilling for the mentee but also the mentor. The best mentoring relationships allow the mentee to gain valuable experience and the mentor to grow through coaching.

After Sarah’s talk, lively discussions were held in the breakout groups where attendees could discuss ways to implement Sarah’s advice into their own lives.

Thanks again to Federated, John Hancock and Principal for hosting this event and especial thanks to Sarah Stahl for sharing her insight.