Month: August 2017

Letting Go of Fear and Making a Difference: Tammy Ouverson

As women with a shared interest in the pension industry, it’s important to continue to celebrate and learn from each other’s successes.  Recently, we spoke with Tammy Ouverson, Vice President, Business Development at OneAmerica.  We asked Tammy about the pivotal moments she has experienced throughout her career that have helped advance her to where she

WiPN Northern Ohio: A Great Night and the Ball Park & Get Your Head in the Game. 

The Northern Ohio Regional Chapter event On August 3, 2017 was held at Oswald Center with approximately 35 people in attendance.  Our sponsors included Prudential, OneAmerica, Hartford Funds, Wilmington Trust and MFS.  We had a drop in sponsor at the ball park - Fidelity Funds - as well.  Jackie Salmon from OneAmerica was the main

WiPN NYC goes cruisin’

On Wednesday, July 26th, WiPN’s New York City chapter, celebrated the summer on a sunset boat cruise on the Hudson. The co-ed 80 person gathering was organized by NYC co-chairs, Lydia Jun and Val Ferrara, and successfully raised money and food donations for nonprofit, Fiorenza’s Food for Friends. The event’s attendees and its eight sponsors

No Right Prescription – Life and Career Lessons from Christine Marcks

Ok, show of hands.  Who thinks it is possible to maintain a healthy work-life balance while ascending one’s career from an International Economist with the US Treasury Department to ultimately becoming the CEO of Prudential Retirement and a 2016 Lillywhite Award recipient?   If we were in person, I would suspect very few hands would be